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Welcome  to our official  web-site!  You are visiting Felsőnyék, this small settlement of ours in the corner of Tolna, Fejér and  Somogy counties; in the Transdanubia region of Hungary. Please browse across our pages; collect information about us as much as possible, come to like this peaceful landscape,  decide to visit us in reality too.


Felsőnyék carries the name of  one of the Hungarian tribes who conquered the Carpathian Basin in the 10th. century A.D. Felsőnyék as a Hungarian settlement  exists practically from that period; and when its name occurs in the official documents in the 1315, „Neku” is referred to as an ’old name’ already . The territory itself  was inhabited much earlier; archeologists have found  celtic and avar remainings as well. The area was inhabited also during the Roman Empire times; known as ’Fortiana’, it was an important  army settlement protecting tha Acquincum – Sopianae road. 


Felsőnyék has given several remarkable personalities to the Hungarian history.  The first Hungarian Calvinist Bishop (Meliusz Juhasz Peter) was born here; and after the opression of 1848 Revolution, Deák Ferenc, ’The Wise Man of Hungary’ has found shelter also here – just to name two of them. 


Felsőnyék is located amongst fields of corn, wheat, and - most notably - grape. Felsőnyék is famous for its vine awarded by gold medals several times. The landscape is very attractive; low hills, green meadows surround Felsonyek. There is no industry, no air pollution around here – our visitors find peace, quietness and hospitality. There are a lot to see also around us, in the region  - and, when the sky is clear, one can see even the sailing boats on the Lake Balaton – the famous ’Hungarian See’ is just a short ride from us. 


We are looking forward to seeing you here also personally – but, till then, we wish you well in reading and collecting as many information about us as possible. 


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